Our Mission

The Urgency

Data science increasingly affects every aspect of modern life from setting monetary policy, modeling climate change impacts, to how and where healthcare is administered. Data Science and its related areas are critically reshaping our world, yet women are still significantly underrepresented: they represent less than 20% of students and less than 10% of decision makers. Numerous studies cite this disparity as having a potentially dire impact on our societies. It is imperative that we invest in Women in Data Science and increase their representation to:

Our Long-term Vision

We envision a future in which women are fully integrated and represented in all areas of Data Science, including AI, and share equally in Decision Making, Economic Prosperity, and Opportunities.

Our Immediate Mission

Our mission is to change the field of data science across the globe by elevating and empowering women to achieve 30% representation in education, innovation and leadership by 2030.